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Bisees Information Systems, a Google Cloud Build Partner, has developed a unique solution to help businesses optimize their use of Kubernetes. Our innovative approach automates infrastructure deployment, providing unparalleled flexibility and simplification compared to traditional methods that use domain-specific languages. By utilizing a single, efficient CI/CD pipeline, we deliver infrastructure and application code, enabling streamlined versioning, building, testing, and deployment of cloud applications while maintaining a complete history of all changes made. Our solution also offers fine-grained diffs and easy rollback capabilities, empowering businesses to confidently leverage the power of Kubernetes.

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Transform Your Business with Modern Infrastructure:

Simplify Operations and Boost Performance with Exepno Cloud Infrastructure

Implementing a modern, world-class infrastructure brings numerous benefits and operational efficiency to companies. However, it can be challenging to implement on their own, which is why many choose to partner with us. The do-it-yourself approach often presents common challenges such as lack of expertise in various technologies, time and cost requirements for building an expert team, ongoing maintenance tasks for the infrastructure, potential security risks with improper implementation, and scalability limitations for DIY deployments.

Customers can use our solution as a platform for their own operations. It automates the deployment process of various essential services, including Cloud Storage Buckets, VPC network and Subnet, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster, Service Account, Nodepool, Cloud Router and NAT, Prometheus, Grafana, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, ArgoCD, NFS Server, Airflow, OpenMetadata, Elastic Stack, Jira, and Confluence.

Our Exepno Cloud Infrastructure, part of the Exepno Suite, can be applied to any industry, streamlining application infrastructure management and reducing operational costs. By partnering with us, companies can overcome these challenges and take advantage of modern, scalable, and secure infrastructure on Google Cloud.

Our solution offers a wide range of services such as data storage, networking, monitoring, and deployment, enhancing productivity and reducing time-to-market. It also provides scalability and flexibility to adjust the infrastructure according to changing business needs.

Partnering with us provides expertise in designing, building, and managing complex infrastructure. We ensure high availability, security, and performance of applications and data.

Bisees GCP Infrastructure


Cloud Storage Buckets

Storage buckets for storing Airflow and other logs and data generated by Airflow DAGs. Cloud Storage is highly available and durable, provides low latency for data access, and has features for data lifecycle management including versioning and object lifecycle policies.


Public Static IP Address

Useful for scenarios where a fixed IP is needed, such as reserving a public IP for the Nginx Controller.


VPC network and Subnet

Provides a virtual private network for GCP resources, allowing greater security and control over network traffic. Subnets enable better organization and resource control


Private and Secure Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster

A fully managed Kubernetes service that provides a scalable and highly available container environment for deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications. The private and secure GKE cluster ensures greater security by isolating nodes from the internet and allowing only authorized connections.


Service Account

Provides mechanisms for authenticating and authorizing requests to GCP services. Separate service accounts for Airflow deployment and GKE nodepool make permissions management easier



Groups of virtual machines (VMs) used as worker nodes for a Kubernetes cluster. Separate nodepools make worker node management and scaling more efficient.


Cloud Router and NAT

Allow outbound internet access to worker nodes in the nodepool when necessary, useful for scenarios like deploying Docker images from a private repository


Firewall Rule

Enables connections between the master node and Ingress Nginx Controller Webhook, essential for private clusters where all connections are blocked by default.



A monitoring system and time-series database that collects metrics from monitored targets and stores them for querying and visualization through its query language and Grafana dashboards.



A platform for creating and sharing interactive and customizable dashboards and graphs, displaying metrics and data collected by Prometheus and other sources.



A powerful, open-source relational database management system that provides scalable and reliable data storage with advanced features.



An open-source automation server used for building, testing, and deploying applications. Jenkins offers a wide range of plugins and integrations with other tools and services



A declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool that automates Kubernetes application deployment. ArgoCD simplifies Kubernetes m


NFS Server

A file storage solution for sharing files between multiple users and applications, offering scalability and reliability for managing persistent volumes in GCP.



A platform for creating, scheduling, and monitoring complex workflows and data pipelines, integrating with Kubernetes, Docker, and PostgreSQL.



A data discovery and metadata management platform that provides a unified view of data within an organization. OpenMetadata supports automated metadata extraction, storage, and features like data lineage and quality checks.


Elastic Stack

A collection of open-source tools for data ingestion, search, and analytics, including Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash.



A project management and issue tracking tool with task tracking, reporting, and collaboration features. Jira integrates with various tools and services and provides advanced functionalities like workflows and custom fields.



A collaboration and documentation tool for creating, organizing, and sharing knowledge. Confluence includes features such as page templates, version history, and commenting.


By deploying the listed services and applications using our Exepno Cloud Infrastructure solution, companies can benefit in several ways:

Rapid and efficient deployment:

Our solution enables companies to be operational with the necessary infrastructure in minutes instead of days or weeks

Simplified management:

Our user-friendly interface minimizes complexity and reduces the need for advanced skills, making it easy for businesses to deploy and manage their infrastructure.

Streamlined CI/CD pipeline:

Our solution deploys all necessary services and tools using modern software development tools, eliminating the need for multiple pipelines and simplifying versioning, building, testing, and deployment of cloud applications.

Complete visibility and control:

Our solution ensures businesses have full control and visibility over their infrastructure, allowing them to track all changes, rollback when necessary, and maintain fine-grained diffs, ensuring security and compliance.

Features and Benefits Modernize infrastructure

Deploy a ready-made solution that leverages the latest technologies to create powerful infrastructure for running and scaling applications, simplifying complexity, while ensuring security and reliability.

Improve application delivery process

Deploy an easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with existing software and systems, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the application delivery process.

Seamless integration

Benefit from our solution's seamless integration with other tools and services, while maintaining high levels of security and reliability.

Simplify infrastructure deployments

Utilize a ready-made solution tailored to meet the needs of complex applications, simplifying and streamlining infrastructure deployments.

Focus on core business

Let us take care of infrastructure deployments, allowing you to focus on your core business

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